• Soy Candle Gardenia Scent
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Soy Candle Gardenia Scent

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على عجل، وهناك عدد قليل فقط من العناصر (ق) اليسار!

6 Block Clamshell 2 Pc Votive Square Tin Large Round

Gardenia Soy Candle plays off the soap bar and and if you are building a basket as a gift, this item can be a part of the Honey Garden Gift Basket.

Our Soy Candles have well over ten hours of scented burn time. Our melts warm in as little as ten minutes and gives a continuous scent for over nine hours though we do not recommend that you burn or have your warmer plugged in for that length of time. 

Gardenia Soy Candle Soy Candle comes in different varieties. This candle has a strong floral smell. It is fresh and a good choice as a gift for yourself.

The wax melts scent a room that is 13x13, a bathroom, or office. The votive candles scent a room the similar size as the wax melt and needs a wax tray to catch the melting wax. The 12 oz. candle scents a larger room.

This candle is on clearance because it has been packed and unpacked for vendor shows and the label is worn. 

The quantity is limit. Orders will be fulfilled based on the time of the order. First come, first serve. 

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