Almond Milk Collection

The Almond Milk Collection is all of our top-selling products wrapped under a tied bow. This collection includes:

One Gift Basket, (Optional) One Towel and Two Wash Cloths (set), One pound of Oats and Milk Bath Salt, One half pound container of Almond Moisturizing Body Scrub (Sugar), Two - three ounce Almond Milk and Oat Bath Cakes (bubble) or Bombs (fizz), Three - five ounce Almond Milk Oats Honey Soap Bars, one - four ounce bottle of Almond Body Blend After Shower Bath Oil, one - four ounce bottle Body Mist, and three - two-ounce Spa Candles. (Optional) Foot Kit: Four ounces of foot soak, scrub, soap, and foot cream.

Each item in the collection sold separately.

Oats and Milk Bath Salt

Almond Moisturizing Body Scrub (Sugar)

Almond Milk and Oats Bath Cakes

Almond Mik and Oats Bath Bombs

Almond Milk Oats Honey Soap Bar

Almond Body Blend Bath Oil

Almond Milk Body Mist

Almond Milk Spa Candle

Two Feet Foot Soak

Two Feet Foot Scrub

Two Feet Foot Soap

Two Feet Foot Cream


When using oil-based products in the tub, please use extra precaution. Place a tub mat down before applying the Almond Moisturizing Body Scrub, Almond Milk Bath Bombs, Almond Body Blend Bath Oil or the Two Feet Foot Scrub.