Refill Program

To place an order for a refill, you must first purchase a qualifying item that is refillable. Refills are available for just about everything we have, and if it is not, please allow us some time to gather the best and most reasonable container that would enable us to provide refillable prices for the item.

If you purchased one of the qualifying items and would like to order a refill, do not send us your container. We will send you the product in an environmentally friendly package. Once you receive the refill, pour / squeeze it into your clean and adequately sanitized container.

All you have to do is click on the eligible product you want to reorder and click the refill option. We will fill your order and ship it to you at a discounted cost. Simple.

We only honor refill orders if you've purchased the item prior. If you do not have a previous order for the item or qualifying mix match, your order will not be fulfilled, your order will be canceled, you will be notified of the cancellation, and refunded immediately.

Example of mix match: Original order for 22 oz. Lavender Bath Salt - Refill order for 22 oz. Calendula Bath Salt. Original order of Almond Honey Body Lotion - Refill order for Rose Body Lotion. In other words, once you have the container, your can order a refill for whichever product falling within the category of the item originally ordered.




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