Why Cleansing Grace

Why Cleansing Grace? Because we care. Nothing happens at Cleansing Grace without you, the consumer, in mind. Our motto is, You Owe Your Skin Great Products. We are ever improving our products for the benefits of our customers. We chose products that are sustainable and from free trade markets.

We love what we do. We enjoy making the best products for our customers. We do not pay for reviews. Everything that is said about our products or customer service, good or bad, we use to make improvements.  

We don’t tell you anything misleading or deceptive about our products nor do we make false claims. Anything we mention about our products has been said to us by those who buy our creations. Though we have not had an unfavorable review, we wouldn’t remove that review to give a jaded view of our products. We strive to be as transparent as we can based on the information we receive through research; however, if we have made a comment in error, we will retract it immediately and make the correction.

We are here to serve your bath, body and wellness needs. You Owe Yourself Great and Healthy Products and we’re here to accommodate.

To your whole health,

♥ Always, Cleansing Grace ♥


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