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Rose Bath Bombs

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There is a particular type of love for the smell of a rose. Of course, it is subjective; you have to like it to want to smell like it. Our Rose Bath Bombs are a part of the Rose Collection but you can also purchase them as a standalone. Our Rose Bath Bomb is a continuation of the bath salt with a twist. It is after you have washed the day away and you're ready to relax.

Our Bath Bombs are for luxuriating with a glass of wine, your favorite playlist or meditation, and/or a special someone or good book. You choose. Our bath bombs condition and soften the skin leaving it happy and smelling wonderful.


Fill your bathtub with the desired level of water. Depending on the water level, use one or two bath bombs. Give the bomb a moment to dissolve. Swish. Enjoy.

Place a bath mat on the bottom of the tub prior to entering and beware of slippage exiting the tub.

Allergy Warning

This product contains all parts of the rose including the sepals, petals, and stem. If you are allergic to anything in the Rosaceae/Rose Family, please do not purchase this item.


Sodium bicarbonate (baking) soda, tricarboxylic (citric) acid, Maizena, Proprietary oil, and fragrance blend. 

Side Note

Rose Bath Bomb has traces of oil. Please be mindful when exiting the bathtub.


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