Almond Milk Soy Candle
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Almond Milk Soy Candle

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Almond Milk - 

This 100% Soy Candle comes in different varieties — the scent of Almond Milk has soft vanilla and honey undertones with a hint of almond butter. This candle plays off the soap bar and is a part of the Almond Milk Gift Basket. Our container candles have well over ten hours of scented burn time, and our melts can be warmed and give a continuous scent for nine hours - fifteen minutes though we do not recommend that you burn or have your warmer plugged in for that length of time. However, you can use your discretion. Whatever you decide, we know that you will be able to enjoy this scent for a while.

Burn Time

Depending on which item you select, the candle can perform with fragrance for well over ten hours but do not attempt to burn for that long. 


Please keep out of the reach of children and pets. Burn your new candle for a couple of hours and then give it a break. Do not leave the candle unattended or allow it to burn near flammable objects. Do not let children to light the candle without supervision. Make sure to set the candle on something stable.  


Many of the photos have props in the picture or more than one of the same item. Your purchase is for one six-pack wax melt. Wax Warmer sold separate. 

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