Authentic African Black Soap
Authentic African Black Soap
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Authentic African Black Soap

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Authentic African Black Soap

This soap is a fair trade product of Ghana, West Africa. The ingredients for this soap include Plantain and Cocoa Pods Ash, Shea Tree Bark, Banana Leaves, Coconut Palm Oil, Shea Butter, and another exclusive group of ingredients that grow wild on the lands of Ghana having no preserves added or pesticides to prevent insects. Authentic African Black Soap is soft but putty-like, crumbly, and has a pleasant fruit-like smell.

Odd Multicolored Shapes

Authentic African Black Soap is multiple colors ranging from beige to dark brown in one bar. Each bar from batch to batch is unique and ununiformed due to the creation method.

Multiple Use Soap Bar

Use Authentic African Black Soap as shampoo, exclusively on the face or the whole body. It works wonders for acne, eczema, dandruff, itchy, irritated scalp, psoriasis, and other skin conditions. 

This soap bar has many uses. You could use this soap to cleanse your hair, especially if you have dandruff, oily hair, or itchy scalp. 

You can wash your face exclusively with this soap. Simply place a slightly hot to warm cloth on your face and allow it to sit on your face for two minutes. Wet your hands and bring the Authentic African Black Soap Bar to a lather. Apply the soap to your face in a circular motion paying close attention to your t-zone. Rinse your face thoroughly, and then follow-up with a toner and moisturizer.

Shower with this bar soap, but try not to submit the soap bar to water continuously. Once you work it into a lather, place the bar in a place where it is subject to water and allow it to dry for longevity. 


This soap is usually on back order due to the demand. When in stock, the quantity is low. It will take up to ten days to receive, prepare and ship the soap to you thus about a two-week turnaround before you receive this product. 

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