Calendula Relaxing Bath Salt
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Calendula Relaxing Bath Salt

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Calendula Relaxing Bath Salt is everything beautiful in the world except it’s in a bag! Good things do come in small packages. With such a fresh, delightful scent, you’ll have to be careful not to use too much; a little does go a long way. Calendula Relaxing Bath Salt has all-natural ingredients, sure to be gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Calendula Relaxing Bath Salt allows you to soak your troubles away.


To prepare yourself for the bath, make sure you have everything you need. You may not need a full-on checklist but know that if you do, that is okay too. You should have a towel, washcloth, ponytail holder, bath pillow, candles (optional), music source, and something to wear once you're out of the bathtub.

Run a warm bath (avoid making the water too hot, it dries the skin, and drink a glass of water before emerging yourself; it will help to keep your blood pressure level. ) Add at least 1/4 to 1/2 cup of salt. Depending on the water level, you may need to add a little more; however, if after swishing the bath salt around to help it dissolve faster your hand feels soft but slippery - rinsed well, you've added too much and you should add more water.

Pamper yourself for as long as you need; the smell is so incredible it won't be hard to stay in the bathtub.

Once you exit the bathtub but before drying off, apply the After Shower Body Oil, and then pat your skin dry. 

What is in Our Bag

Proprietary Salts, Essential and Fragrance Oil Blend; Vitamin E.

Allergy Alert

This product contains grounded Calendula leaves. PLEASE ~ if you are allergic to Marigold, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.   

This item will arrive in a 24-ounce stand-up zip lock pouch.

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