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Cuticle Salve

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Now days almost everyone goes to get their nails done. Some get manicures, some tips, fillers, gels, fiberglass, and a host of other services. Despite getting one of those services performed, you can't help but notice dry, cracked cuticles, hangnails, and other damage to the nailbed that stem from problems with the cuticle.

We have questions coming to us asking what to do about splitting skin around the fingernails that end up inflamed and painful for weeks. Our resident manicurist suggests you ask your nail tech to avoid your skin when using chemicals on your nailbed as well as running the emery board to close to your cuticle; some techs also use an electric drill which, to her, is a definite no-no. Along with that, apply cuticle cream, nightly.

Our cream contains vitamins and minerals for the sole purpose of ministering to your cuticle, and in turn, your cuticle will protect your nailbed. Every part of your body is essential and has a role to play. Ultimately, it is to protect you in some way. While the nail is a useful tool, it also covers the tips of your finger. 


Once you've settled for the night, you have taken your evening shower or bath, and you're winding down, take a q-tip and scoop out enough to cover the fingers on one hand with one side of the tip turning the q-tip over to use the other end for the other hand. Use your thumb and index finger to rub the cream across the edge of your nailbed along your cuticle. Complete this step for each finger.

If you have challenged cuticles, place your hands in the gloves provided and allow them to rest in the gloves for at least ten minutes. Once you take the gloves off, your hands may be a little moist. This is actually a good thing because it adds moisture to your cuticles. Allow your hands to air dry unless they are extremely moist and you need to wipe them. 


This item contains all parts of the rosemary and lavender plant. If you are allergic, please do not purchase this item. One ounce.

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