Two Feet Foot Cream
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Two Feet Foot Cream

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Two Feet Foot Cream in terms of the pedicure process is the last step. Use this product with or without its companions. After you soak, wash, scrub, and dry the tootsies, you love on them with the Two Feet Foot Cream and enjoy the wonderful feeling of massaging this mixture on your feet. For a moisturizing effect, put on a pair of footies after you apply the Two Feet Foot Cream.


If you have the foot kit, Two Feet Foot Cream is the last step. In the line of stages, soak your feet first. If you do not have the other three products, you can still use this product by applying to your clean feet. For the best results, soak your feet first. Soaking will loosen the dead skin, dirt, and the day's stress. Soak for 10 – 15 minutes, 20 – 25 minutes if you are overcoming a stress challenge. You can take this time to breathe and meditate.

If challenged with foot fungus or athlete’s foot, use 1/4 cup of peroxide in your soaking water. Assuming you have the kit, the next step is to wash your feet. If you do not have the foot set, soak and wash your feet with your preferred soap.

Once you soak and wash your feet, dry them thoroughly. Pay attention to drying water from between the toes. Apply cream to your feet and massage. If you have dry, scaly feet, after you apply the cream, place footies on your feet to lock in moisture.

Medical Disclaimer

The suggestions provided within this text are not meant to diagnose or treat any ailment, infection, or disease. Please consult a doctor or podiatrist for any foot ailment. If you have a circulation or diabetic challenge, please consult with your physician before using this product.

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