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Fascinating Bath Fizz

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Fascinating Bath Fizz - 

The making of Fascinating Bath Fizz started as an afterthought. The first thing created under the Fascinating umbrella is the body butter.

We sold our products from a trade center where we rented space. At the time, we didn't have as many choices as we have now, but Fascinating was a part of the first rollout. It was a standalone product, and it seemed like no one was interested. We continued presenting it to the public through the free sample that we would place on the table and people passing by would choose it to lotion their hands but would not buy it. Convinced that something wrong with it, so we made plans to mark it down and discontinue the product.

We were new to that space and hadn't taken the time to define who our products were for or how to reach them. We assumed that because it was a bath product, it was for everyone. We moved around having shifted spaces three times before the place closed down. It was amid our second move to a larger area that we noticed that the beautiful souls who shopped with us had zeroed in on one or two items and that is what they purchased all of the time. Our biggest sellers are all natural products; Fascinating is a vanity product.

We moved forward with discontinuing the Fascinating Body Butter on paper. When we arrived on Thursday to set up a clearance rack for all of the vanity products we had, we were distracted by something that was happening with another vendor. That threw us off in such a way that we did not get a chance to get the items marked down or anything else having to do with clearing the things out. Long story less long, the next day we opened our space and immediately grabbed the items we intended to marked down. A group of guys walked up with an empty jar of the Fascinating Body Butter. They were from Dubai. They love the scent but had trouble traveling with the large container. They bought what we had in stock. Months later the group came back wanting to know if we had soap with a similar scent and six weeks later, we had a bath kit.

Ironically, once we sold out of the Fascinating Body Butter, we had inquiries because the free sample was no longer available. We introduced the bath collection, and it has been a hit since that day.

The scent for this product is a Cleansing Grace exclusive. It is a scent that can be worn by anyone; it is not gendered specific.  


Fill your bathtub with the desired level of water. Depending on the water level, if it is about half the tub, use one fizz, if the water level is higher, apply two to three. Give the bomb a moment to dissolve. 


Sodium bicarbonate (baking) soda, tricarboxylic (citric) acid, Maizena, Proprietary oil, and fragrance blend. 

Side Note

Fascinating Bath Fizz has traces of oil. Please be mindful when exiting the bathtub.


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