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Honey Body Wash

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Honey Body Wash is the perfect way to cleanse your skin. Our skin has a variety of natural oils, but too much can leave us with unsightly marks and blemishes. Honey Body Wash is a great way to help restore the natural tone of your skin and is made with natural ingredients.

Honey Body Wash made from Authentic African Black Soap, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Glycerin, Honey, and Essential Oil Blend.

If you have been looking for a facial or body wash made from natural ingredients that will leave your skin feeling fantastic, then you should try Honey Body Wash.

Suggestive Use

Among those who have used this product, they describe it as removing dirt and or dead skin the user did not know was present. Most of those who have purchased this item use a bath sponge, shower pouf or their hands.

Pour the body wash into your hand, rub it together, and then put the wash on your body. Allow the product to sit on your skin. As you step back under the water, rub the body wash in a circular motion using your hands. Some have reported that at this stage, dirt and or dead skin rubs off effortlessly. Results may vary. Once your shower is complete, pat your skin dry.

9.75 fl. oz. Concentrated Body Wash (Not pictured)

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