Lavender Scrub
Lavender Scrub
Lavender Scrub
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Lavender Scrub

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Lavender Body Scrub is one of our most loved due to its smell and calming qualities. Those who purchase this item have praised the scrub for making a difference in their skin almost immediately. These patrons use the scrub specifically on their face, and though we recommend that you do not use it on your face, especially heavy-handedly, we do not deny the benefits rendered. 


Again, we recommend that you don't use this on your face. The skin is much more sensitive than that on your body, and it may be too abrasive. If you decide to use this product on your face, do it with caution and care. Use gentle circular motions. Do not use if you have open acne.

If this product causes skin irritation, please discontinue use.

We have found that this product works best once you have allowed the shower water to saturate your skin and you've cleansed your skin preferably with the Lavender Soap Bar. After you wash, if you like, you can cut off the water. If you choose not to turn the water off, open the jar away from the water and use a dry spoon to remove the product. Rub the Lavender Sugar Scrub together in your hands and rub in a circular motion, place the scrub on your skin. Move the sugar in an upward movement towards the heart. You can use this item on any part of the body. Once you have applied the product, turn the water on a tad warmer without being hot and rinse sugar scrub from your body thoroughly.

What is in Our Jars?

Lavender Sugar Scrub is made of Lavender infused unrefined Sugar*, Kaolinite Mineral, Ground Lavandula Officinalis*, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil, Argania Oil, Dead Sea Powder, Essential Oils. 

Allergy Alert

Lavandula officinalis is a part of the Lamiaceae Family. If you are allergic to this plant or any flower in its family, please do not purchase this item.


Please be mindful when using this product in the shower because it contains oil. Place a bath mat on the bottom of the tub or wear shower shoes. Be careful exiting the bathtub making sure to step onto a towel or rug.

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