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Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt

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There is nothing like a nice cozy bath — the warm water surrounding your body, the atmosphere, the calm and peace. Bath Salt plays a sufficient role. It can add to the relaxation, remove the aches and pains, and the smell is fantastic depending on the type of bath salt used. 

Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt is everything you need in a bag. s soothing and calming. Its properties can tone and soothe irritating skin. It is also vajayjay safe. 


Fill your bathtub with the desired level of water. Depending on the water level, use 1/4 cup to 1/2 cups of the Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt but not more to avoid skin irritation. If the water level is 3/4 the tub, where once you get in the water runs down the reserve drain, then you may have to use more. Use your discretion. Swish the salt around to distribute. 


24 Ounces of Salt, Oats and Milk Blend and Vanilla Essential Oil. 

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