Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt
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Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt

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Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt is a combination of all good things for the skin paying extra attention to those with sensitive, prone to breakouts, and redding skin. 

A top seller since conception, Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt is kind to the body's most important places, especially for women. It negotiates with the skin offering a soothing effect for itchiness, moisture to dryness, and calm to redness. 

The amount required for your bath depends on the water level. Since bathtubs vary in length and depth, use the feel test to determine how much to put into the water. However, for an 8-foot tub filled halfway, no more than one cup of Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt should do the trick.


Fill your bathtub with the desired level of water. Avoid hot water as it raises blood pressure and dries the skin. Depending on the water level, use 1/2 cup to 1 cup of the Almond Honey Oats Bath Salt. If your skin feels slick, you've poured too much and should add more water. The water should feel soft. Pouring too much may cause skin irritation. Swish the salt around to distribute. Enjoy.

If your skin is irritated, shower to rinse product from skin. If irritation continues, seek medical assistance. 


24 Ounces of Salt, Organic Oats and Milk Blend, Vanilla Essential Oil. 


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