• Soy Candle Blend Lavender Twist
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Soy Candle Blend Lavender Twist

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This Soy Candle Blend called Lavender Twist  comes in different varieties — the scent of Lavender fills the room as soon as you remove the lid. We are so pleased with the twist that we added to the fragrance. We expect that you will be as well. Some of our Lavender Twist Candles have lavender buds. We have been told that the flame's heat causes the Lavender to release oils into the air along with the fragrance. 

This Lavender Twist Soy Blend Candle has a nice lavender scent. It is the perfect gift choice to yourself.

Our 12.5 oz. Lavender Twist Soy Blend Candle has well over 70 hours of scented burn time. Our melts warm in as little as ten minutes and gives a continuous scent for nine hours - fifteen minutes though we do not recommend that you burn or have your warmer plugged in for that length of time. Our 3 oz. jar candle burns for up to 18 hours.

This candle has shifted from side-to-side, been from show to show on display. That has contributed to some of the faded ink on the labels, the minor wear and tear, and the dents in some of the tin. The discounted price is to accommodate those flaws.

Remove any packaging associated with the candle before burning. Avoid burning the candle for more than two hours at a time. Keep the candle away from drafts, children, and pets. Most importantly, never leave the candle unattended.

TIP: If burned wick remains, trim for a better burn.

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