Two Feet Soap Bar
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Two Feet Soap Bar

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Two Feet Soap Bar in terms of the pedicure process is step 2. Use this product with or without its companions. It is easy to use this soap bar so if you want to do it yourself, you can. You can also take this soap bar to your manicurist. He or she can implement this product into your pedicure routine.

You will Need a Few Things

To use this product at home, gather these items.

  • Foot bath or tub big enough for both feet
  • Three towels - Place one under the foot tub to keep it stable and catch any overflowing water.
  • Comfortable chair
  • 30 – 45 minutes of your time
  • Foot kit or this product, scrub (optional), cream and soak
  • Peroxide (optional)


If you have the kit, Two Feet Soap Bar is step 2. In the line of steps, you soak your feet first. Therefore, if you do not have the kit, you will still use this product as if you do. You should soak your feet first. Soaking your feet will loosen the dead skin, dirt, and day. Use 1/4 cup of peroxide if you are challenged with under nail fungus or athlete’s foot. Assuming you have the kit, the next step is to wash your feet, and this is where this product comes into play.

If you do not have the foot kit, soak your feet in your preferred foot soak for 10 – 15 minutes, 20 – 25 minutes if you are overcoming a stress challenge, and then wash them with Two Feet Soap Bar. You will notice by the feel of the bar; it is not your regular bar soap. Two Feet Soap Bar is specially formulated to address common issues plaguing feet like dry and or cracked heels, dead skin build-up, and or dry, rough feet. Dry your feet thoroughly especially between the toes.

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